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Developing and growing your brand and creating a positive image of your company
Creating a customized content for your website
Designing your logo and providing full graphics service
Accounting and financial reporting
Sales and support assistance
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Our values

The wide-array of services that we offer, our web solutions and inovative ideas will help you reach the audience. We strive to make a change globally and in that process we maintain honest and open communication with our clients.


When starting my company, I was certain that I will not compromise on one thing- people I will work with. I made a right decision when choosing IR Software for my business partners. They brought a valuable contribution to my company and fulfilled our expectations. The service they provided was fast and effective. I would recommend them for their dedication to the clients.
Josh Holland
Founder and General Manager
IR Software has proved over the past years their professionalism and work ethic. Our collaboration resulted in some severe improvements regarding prosperity and expansion on the market. The developers performed well, and the whole team delivered all of their assigned work on time and within budget. Their reliability was crucial in some tough stages our company has faced. Their winning spirit and ambition push you to the goals you didn’t think your company would be able to achieve.
Ingrid Ferguson
HR specialist
Working with IR Software has been one of the most pleasant experiences in my professional career so far. It is a team of talented and friendly people, willing to support your ideas, share their knowledge and push you to success. Their expertise and forward-thinking helped our business reduce expenses and increase competitivity. We are undoubtedly going to involve IR Software in our future projects and we look forward to seeing what achievements our cooperation is going to lead us to.
Nicolas Rivera